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A 12 week intimate group coaching experience for professional women who want to create an authentic signature style that will position you as a credible, relevant and polished professional.
Who's it for?

This program is for you if you want clarity and confidence about what to wear so you can create a consistent style and polished image that reflects who you really are.

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With more than 10 years working in senior roles in the corporate world, what I know to be true is this: there is a proven method to creating professional success through strategic personal style.

I guide my clients through a proven goal-oriented process with specific step-by-step information on exactly how to create their signature style and personal brand image. 



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6 Fortnightly Coaching Calls - for expert mentoring and coaching

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Million Dollar Style Guidebook- to guide your transformation

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My Expert Feedback - to keep refining your style and feeling supported

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Exclusive Resources and Templates - to help you build your style

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Private Group - support each other, ask questions & build relationships

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Networking - connect with other ambitious women & make friends on the same journey



Image Assessment and Goal Planning​

We'll start by delving into the personal style you’d like to have. You'll get clarity on your business, career and life goals, and how you want to be perceived and show up in the world. You'll evaluate where you are right now with your image and get excited about creating some goals to guide you through the program.


Your Signature Colours

Understanding what colours you look best in are key to creating a versatile wardrobe with pieces that effortlessly mix and match. In this module, you'll learn how to identify what colours will make you look and feel amazing, as well as how to use colour strategically to create the impact you desire in any situation.


Your Style Archetype & Authentic Self

Next you'll learn how to match your individual personality to clothing and outfit combinations that emphasises these qualities as well as aligns to your goals and how you'd like to be perceived. You'll be clear on how to add your own sense of self to your personal style, as well as how to leverage your style to communicate exactly what you want to say.


Your Body Shape & Design

In this module, you'll learn how to assess your body shape and understand exactly what styles and silhouettes flatter you, as well as how to dress in a way that optimises your shape for perfect balance and harmony.


Strategic Wardrobe & Shopping

By the end of this module, you'll have a clear idea of exactly what works and what doesn't in your current wardrobe. You'll understand how to maximise the right pieces you currently have, identify what's missing, and create a smart, strategic shopping list of items to add to embody your new style identity.


Your Million Dollar Style Formula

In the final module, you'll bring together everything you've learnt to create simple style formulas that will make getting dressed fast, easy and fun. We'll also look at all the finishing touches and styling tips and tricks to create a polished, professional image.


You have a crystal clear personal style formula that enables you to put polished outfits together with ease and enjoyment.​

You feel excited to get dressed every single day knowing the colours that light you up, the perfect styles and silhouettes for your body shape, as well as how to align your outfits to who you are and how you want to show up. ​​

You know how to affirm your credibility, talent and power with stylish outfits that enhance your personal brand and executive presence.​

You exude confidence as you fully embody and authentically reflect the best version of yourself.

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My experience has been life changing and I greatly valued your care and wisdom.

I loved it! It was amazing. Absolutely do this course. I’m really enjoying being the one in the office that looks put together and professional.


The confirmation that I got around my body shape, and how to dress that, was an eye opener for me! I used to base outfits or wear things that I’d seen in a magazine or on someone else that looked good – but with your support, I now know exactly what works for ME. I’m no longer a fashion victim – I’m wearing clothes and putting together outfits that really suit me.

Being equipped with the knowledge and expertise and the real know-how that stylists have of what I need for me to look my best and what I need to put together in my outfits has been a game changer. You’d think it was really obvious, but it’s not! Having that behind the scenes stylist know-how to dress myself and the result of that is that I’m looking my best, feeling a lot more confident and people are noticing.




My experience has been life changing and I greatly valued your care and wisdom.

I loved the Million Dollar Style Group Transformation program. The program is beautifully structured with a wonderful approach that not only helped us gain practical insights into the concepts of style, but helped us understand exactly what suits us and what doesn't.

I joined because I wanted a 'Style Formula', being a working mum of two very young kids, I often found myself struggling to look stylish. I wanted to be able to pull pieces out of my wardrobe together in a jiffy and yet look stylish and I have to say - that is exactly what I have achieved from the program. I highly recommend you do this program! 

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Before doing the Million Dollar Style Group program, I was struggling to coordinate outfits that flattered. If I had to sum up my experience in one word, I would say - success! The program was holistic and allowed me to understand what suits me best from a number of different perspectives, and Lucy made the process fun and effective.

It's an investment in yourself and you are worth it!




You will get more out of this program than you are anticipating. It’s very personal – it’s not about just learning and following a set of rules and tools – that’s all in there and you will learn how to apply them – but I wasn’t expecting the personal insights that I also gained about myself. You will get so many insights that you don’t expect which are immeasurable.


The program was an opportunity for change and and I feel much more connected to who I am. I also wasn’t expecting the outcome to be as easy as it was. I thought you had to have particular clothes and spend a lot of money on clothes to be stylish, but I don’t believe that’s true anymore. It was eye opening to see that it doesn’t need to be a huge amount of effort to go from frumpy to polished – and what a difference that makes you feel.

My confidence has dramatically increased and I felt nothing but supported by Lucy as well as the other participants. It's amazing, I would fully recommend you do this.

My promise to you

By the end of this program you are going to be a more confident, stylish and put together version of yourself.


You’ll know exactly what colours, cuts and styles of clothing flatter you, as well as how to reflect who you authentically are through your clothing.


You’ll be able to show up in a way that elevates your personal brand and presence and positively impacts your audience.

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$795 per month

(for 3 months)


If you would like a deeper level of personalised support, I offer this program via one-to-one coaching to a limited number of clients.

If you'd like to apply, please book a discovery call so I can find out more about you and we can see if you'd be a good fit for the program.