• Lucy

How does virtual styling work?

If you've ever got dressed and wished you had someone right there to help you with styling advice and guidance, welcome to the world of virtual styling.

I was already doing some online styling services before Coronavirus hit; now with the current environment, styling that is done entirely in this way has become a go-to service to instantly solve fashion problems. The best part? You don't even need to leave home.

For busy professionals who are time poor and may not be able to go shopping, virtual services are fast and will save you not only time, but money. Developing your own Personal Style IQ so you have clear direction on what suits you is the foundation for feeling 100% confident in your clothing choices - and this is all just a Zoom session away.

Even while many people may be in a transitionary state with their wardrobe and day to day outfits working from home, you simply can't deny the power of a well styled outfit to make you feel confident and empowered, as well as to help you perform better.

But how does virtual styling actually work? Here's a step by step guide to one of my most popular services, a Virtual Style And Shop.

Step 1: Complete the Style Profile

A detailed style profile questionnaire is emailed for you to complete so that I can get a complete overview of your current style struggles, likes and dislikes, style needs and what you are hoping to achieve. You will also be asked to provide some specific images of yourself which allows me to create a very Personal Style Roadmap for you.

Step 2: One-to-one video consultation

A one hour consultation via Zoom will be scheduled to take you through your Personal Style Roadmap in detail, to give you complete clarity on what works for your body shape and why, as well as your personality. I'll also answer any questions you have and we'll work out what pieces are currently missing from your wardrobe and set a shopping budget.

Step 3 - Your personalised shopping edit

Following our video consult, I will create a personalised 'shoppable' video for you. This is personal shopping done digitally. I will guide you through online stores, with a selection of pieces specifically chosen to suit your style needs and individual characteristics such as body shape. I'll explain how you can pair these items to create winning outfits and you'll learn how to select and identify items that are flattering for you. (Shout out to for their fantastic platform that brings online stores to life).