• Lucy

How to dress well on a budget

While I absolutely adore clothes and enjoy buying pieces that make me look and feel good, I'm actually quite thrifty when it comes to where I spend my hard earned cash.

Knowing what pieces to select and with a few tricks of the trade, it's easy to create great style that doesn't break the bank.

Some of the best compliments I've received on my outfits were when I was wearing a cheaper item I picked up on the high street.

We need to remember that personal style is all about how you wear it - not what the label is or how much it cost. Dressing head to toe in designer pieces is also not practical for the majority of people, and it's fun to mix it up and play with different pieces.

So what's the secret to dressing well without breaking the bank? Here I share my top tricks and tips.

Build up your classic, timeless pieces

When you've got some great foundation items in your wardrobe, its easy to add budget friendly items, such as cheaper tees or accessories and still create great outfits.

A well fitted pair of jeans or pants, a beautiful sweater, blazer, trench coat and jacket are all timeless pieces that are worth spending a little bit more on so that you can spend less on other pieces.

Add on trend pieces when they go on sale

Trendy items aren't going to last beyond one or two seasons, so I don't want to fork out loads of money for them. Check our online sale sites, such as The Outnet or Saks Outlet to grab designer pieces for a fraction of the original retail price. Locally, keep your eye out for sales at sites such as The Iconic where you can find items discounted up to 70%.

Beware of warehouse sales

Now this might seem to counter my advice above, but whenever I've been to a warehouse sale, I've witnessed a frenzy like attitude to buying. Shoppers just seem to go a little crazy when in the presence of other shoppers all vying to get the last jacket, dress, pant etc. All logical reasoning goes out the window and before we know it, we're handing over our credit card for $500. 'But I got 15 items for that price' I can hear you say. The problem is, we haven't conciously considered or bought those items. My advice - seek out the sales of the brands you love, set a budget and stick to it.

Consider a variety of brands and stores

Once upon a time, I would never have thought to look at the likes of Target or Kmart for clothing. Challenge yourself to explore diff