• Lucy

Returning back to the office and not sure what to wear?

Here's what you need to know about dressing for work in 2021.

In 2020, I was helping clients perfect waist-up dressing and warning of the dangers that lay in wearing leggings and slippers 5 days a week.

Now, as employees start to head back to the office, there seems to be a push to maintain at least some of that work from home casual vibe, and companies appear to be more flexible with what workers wear post pandemic.

Last week, I ran a poll on LinkedIn asking people if their workplace was now more casual.

A massive 55% said yes.

Even in traditional banks old school corporate attire has taken a backseat, but while this may be welcome news for some, it poses the question, what on earth should you wear to the office in 2021?

Look Around

Before you make a radical change to what you wore pre-pandemic, you'll want to get a good sense of what people at your workplace are now wearing and where and how you want to fit in.

Take a look at your colleagues as well as the senior leaders in the business. If your team's attire has shifted to something more casual, but your Manager's hasn't, think about how you'd like your clothing to position you, as well as how you want to look and feel at work.

Whatever you choose, going more casual doesn't mean sloppy, so keep your leggings and sweatpants reserved for outside work.

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