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I'm Lucy, and I'm the founder of Style Rises. I help female professionals and leaders 35+ create a personal style that represents them confidently and authentically.


You're a successful female leader in the corporate world or with your own business who's serious and passionate about what you do. 

But does your personal style make you look and feel the part?


You can be the best at what you do, but it’s easy to be overlooked and not recognised for your talents if that’s what your clothes tell other people.

If you’re a female in the workplace today, the chances are you will still face far more obstacles and be judged more harshly on your appearance than your male counterparts. It’s an unfortunate reality many of us deal with, so instead let’s take an empowerment perspective. 

Dressing well and looking good – for yourself – gives you an incredible opportunity to elevate your presence, position yourself with influence and credibility and achieve your goals.


If you weren’t born with an innate sense of style, don’t worry! You can learn style.


My clients are General Managers, Directors, Senior Consultants, CFOs, CEOs, Executives and Partners. Many are successful entrepreneurs and run their

own businesses.


They come to me because they lack confidence in their professional image and often feel bored and uninspired with their style. They often also feel they've lost their way (due to age/body shape changes) and are struggling to look stylish, comfortable and age appropriate within new dress codes.


I can help you create a signature style formula that supports your professional brand and gives you the confidence you need to step up.

Why me?

What separates me from other Personal Stylists is that I only work with professional women and I specialise in dressing for work or business. Because of this, my clients receive a proven goal-oriented process and specific step-by-step information on exactly how to create their signature style and personal brand image.

As a result, those who work with me develop the ability to quickly and easily choose outfits that elevate their brand and presence, while attracting more opportunities and success than they could on their own. 

Would you like to know more? 

About Me
Meet Lucy

Style Rises was founded by Lucy Owens, who spent more than ten years working in corporate before deciding to leave and do something more fulfilling. 

In her time climbing up the corporate ladder and working for large multinationals, small start-ups and everything in between, she learned firsthand the power of looking the part and presenting yourself well. 

She realised how easy ‘dressing for success’ came to her, and how often people complimented her style, or sought out her advice on style. From this, a real desire was born and she made a commitment to dedicate the rest of her professional life to changing the relationship women have with themselves and their wardrobe – helping them show up for work or in their business looking and feeling the part.

When she’s not shopping or helping her million-dollar style clients, Lucy enjoys a glass of Malbec or Tempranillo, practicing her Spanish with her partner, Salvador, and an opportunity  to break out her not-so-office-appropriate style archetypes.





The biggest change for me since working with you has been knowledge.

The biggest struggle I had when I reached out to you was to feel confident and to understand the different looks. Not just an outfit, but the different looks and the different energy levels that I needed and the different combinations for the different activities I was doing. I'm a leader in a number of different communities and I run some businesses, I've got a lot of different activities and I needed different outfits to match my energy and who I was and who I represented. I was experiencing confusion, lack of confidence and no

clarity whatsoever.


The biggest change for me, since working with you Lucy, has been knowledge. You haven't just taken me through a process, you've shared that process with me. It was my journey and you were on that journey with me, and you were guiding me and giving me direction that enabled me to connect with myself. By bringing all of that together, you gave me knowledge, confidence and clarity on what looked really good and what I felt really comfortable in. Gaining the knowledge was super valuable because I have the power and understanding to go forward, coupled with the confidence of being certain about what really looks good on me.


The output is so worth the investment in time and the investment in yourself. It is such an important gift for yourself. If you can gain anywhere near the clarity or the confidence that I've got, then we will be ruling the world in no time.

Versent Feb21 Headshot_edited.jpg



Knowing what brands to buy, how to put an outfit together and wear it with confidence has really changed my life.

Before working with Lucy I was wasting money on clothes that didn’t fit well or highlight my best features. I didn’t feel my best and this came out in a lack of confidence in both my corporate and personal life.
Defining my personality has meant that I can articulate my style and therefore be targeted in the brands I buy. This combined with knowing what suits my body shape and colours has helped me buy the right things and not waste money. 
I now receive so many compliments on my styling and wardrobe so I walk a little taller and can face into my leadership role with my head held high. Working with Lucy helped define a brand of style for me and now that’s the basis I use to dress every day.​

I now have a wardrobe that I wear (and enjoy wearing!) everything in it. You won’t regret the investment in yourself and it will save you money in the long run!

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