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I've had the pleasure of working with women just like you to transform their confidence and their personal and professional lives in Melbourne and around the globe.  

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Linda | director

I feel like I've shaken off the sloth of the C OVID years and I'm now stepping out rejuvenated, stylish and loving my wardrobe for the first time in years.

Time has a way of creeping up on you. What worked reliably in your 30s doesn't translate to your 50s! I wanted to take a fresh look at what works for me now, so I could feel stylish and confident again. The best part of the program is working with Lucy. Her warmth, good humour and gentle guidance was a joy. The closet clean was a highlight as Lucy got me to see my existing wardrobe with fresh eyes. It's never looked so oragnised and inviting! I strongly recommend this program to anyone who wants to regain their sense of style, fun and confidence. You'll feel a million dollars and save yourself a fortune by not buying things that don't suit you.


Ashley | Chief Commercial Officer

After a few consecutive whirlwind years—full-time postgraduate studies, returning to work, working from home, repetitive lockdowns—my sense of style and fashion identity were in desperate need of attention. Historically, when choosing attire, I resorted to what was easiest, readily accessible, wrinkle-resistant—the chore of filtering through my wardrobe was often too overwhelming with too many non-options cluttering. I am an organised person, though when it comes to planning outfits, I had been neglecting the importance and deprioritising simply as I found it to be too much a hassle at the end of the day. Pulling together outfits were ad hoc, more function over statement, and more stressful than enjoyable. There were far too many yoga pant and t-shirt days than there should have been, seeing as how I wasn’t practicing yoga at the time. Working with Lucy was nothing short of transformational. And I continue to find all the lessons learned to be applicable to so many other areas aside from the obvious. For instance, I was especially intrigued with the colouring session. And was surprised to find my ideal colour palette (of which I was completely unaware of beforehand) had subtly come up in different areas of my interior design style organically as well. I had no idea why I gravitated toward certain colours more frequent than others, though once Lucy shared further on how it all works, it all made sense! My other favourite session was the wardrobe clear out. It was life-changing, and that is not an exaggeration. Lucy went through all items, made recommendations and I never once felt shamed or pressured to do away with clothing no longer suiting my style/who I had become. It was exhilarating! We discussed, at length, what our clothes and style say about us, and how to command more presence and stature through style choices. I’m continuing to work with Lucy after having finished the VIP series. I am continuing to learn and become more comfortable in making choices myself, though still prefer to wean off slowly from Lucy’s guidance! Lucy’s approach and program is an absolute must for women in the workplace and especially in corporate environments. After choosing to make the investment in myself, I realised just how dire and necessary it was, notably coming out of lockdown(s). This experience is one you’ll never forget or regret! Take the leap and enjoy!

Working with Lucy was nothing short of transformational. And I continue to find all the lessons learned to be applicable to so many other areas aside from the obvious.


It was one of the most memorable and valuable experiences I have undertaken to invest in myself.

I never thought I would engage a stylist until I met Lucy. At that point in my career, I was working in a male dominated environment and wanted to be taken seriously. I wanted to be seen as capable and didn’t want to draw attention to my physical self. I thought that if I just dressed in black and navy, no one would ever question what I wore. I wasn’t always comfortable in how I looked and so I just wanted to blend in.  Now, my style is a key part of how I show up every day. I no longer stress and worry about what I’m going to wear for certain events or meetings or question if an outfit is going to look right.  I look good and people comment on my clothing now…and I like that!  The whole process changed not just how I physically show up, but how I mentally and emotionally show up. I now feel super confident to lead without fear that I'm not going to look the part. I've got my colour palette, I know my brand and style and I've got the outfits that represent me. Investing in my personal style and brand helped me secure a new role, followed by two further internal promotions within 12 months – none of that would have happened if I didn't make to decision to work on me first. It wouldn't have happened because I didn't have the confidence in myself. Lucy’s program helped me feel comfortable in who I am and how I’m representing myself. It's built my personal brand and sense of self so that I don't want to just blend in. I want to be more of me.



Lucy’s program was life-changing (and that’s not being dramatic). I feel equipped to present my whole self in a way that makes sure I am seen and unforgettable.

When I started working with Lucy, I had a clear goal to be promoted by the end of that year. I wanted to make sure that I was leaving a lasting impression with each senior engagement but also to start presenting myself as a leader within my peer group.  I basically needed a “personal brand makeover”. At that time, I didn’t feel seen in many of the outfits I wore from my wardrobe. My standard selections featured a lot of black and I didn’t know how to dress for my silhouette. With a wardrobe full of black and blah, I would really stress when I had to “dress up” for formal presentations and client facing engagements. I didn’t have clothing items that helped distinguish me from my everyday attire so I felt “underprepared” in those meetings from a professional style perspective.  Lucy’s program started with providing an excellent foundation of education. I learned about what colours suit me best, what clothing styles suit my body shape and personality, the impact of certain colours and one of the most valuable learnings, how to shop with purpose. This has helped me save so much time and money.  With Lucy’s guidance, I have been able to identify my own personal style and tailor it to specific audiences to have a desired and memorable impact.  I was promoted last year and truly credit Lucy’s program for helping me to achieve this goal.  Since then, I have closed several landmark deals, successfully landed a challenging 6-month secondment that was out of my comfort zone, and now have more confidence in myself.  I now dress with intention every day, whether it’s internal meetings or client facing, face-to-face or virtual.  I present myself with purpose and try not to miss out on any opportunities to make an impression.


CarolinE | CEO & Director

I now wake up in the morning with a wardrobe full of options that I feel happy and confident to wear, as well as a greater sense of confidence and ease in the way that I present myself.

Before working with Lucy, I wasn’t feeling good about what I was wearing or how I was presenting myself. I also didn’t feel that it was aligned with my role. I would feel stressed in the morning around what I was going to wear or think “l’ll have to wear this again” and it was a negative start to my day… I think there is a positive boost that you can get in the morning if you put on something that you feel really good in…and I wasn’t getting any of that. Lucy was great at making me feel at ease and bringing a non-judgmental approach. Throughout each step of the program, she simplified things and made some key rules of thumb easy to remember. Her program is perfect for those who are time poor because she keeps things moving, while still giving you enough time to digest everything you are learning. I now have the knowledge and a much clearer view of what suits me. When I shop, I’m much more focused, because I don't waste time on colours and styles that I know don’t suit me. I'm know that I’m spending my money on items that I'm going to wear whereas previously it was a little bit risky. The confidence and feel good factor that comes from what I am wearing every day and how that impacts the way that I am in the world has been so valuable. I now wake up in the morning with a wardrobe full of options that I feel happy and confident to wear, as well as a greater sense of confidence and ease in the way that I present myself.


Jayne | co-Head of Credit Risk

I have experienced a steep change in my self-confidence at work, because I know I look the part and am presenting my best self.

As a busy mum and full time executive, I didn’t have time to stand in front of the mirror each morning grappling with wardrobe choices. Having celebrated my 40th birthday and gained weight during Covid lockdown, I was generally confused about what to wear and also felt unsure about my choices returning to a hybrid work environment. I felt guilty wasting money on new items I later felt unsure about– colours that were too bright for me, patterns that made me self-conscious, lots of black to hide my weight and styles that weren’t flattering. With another 15 years or so of professional career ahead of me, and with a potential promotion on the horizon, I decided to invest now in educating myself so I could reap the benefits in years to come. The process with Lucy was transformational, but at all times felt like she worked with the true “me”, rather than “high fashion”, fads or trends for “skinny young things”! She invested a lot of time to understand my personality, my workplace style, my existing wardrobe, and my likes and dislikes. Lucy is like an encyclopedia of style knowledge, and helped me gain an appreciation for the science and theory of creating visual harmony through colour, shape, and style. She guided me through the process, building my knowledge along the way so I now feel confident in selecting my own outfits, using colours that suit my palette, styles that suit my shape, fabrics that flatter, and unique accessories that are perfectly “me”. I now select my weekly work wardrobe ahead of time, based on my planned meetings and events, the image I want to present, and based on Lucy’s style formulas created specifically for me. This saves me time, money, and gives me a sense of order, and most importantly helps me feel confident, knowing that I “look the part”. The process was a lot of fun, and felt like a “treat” for myself each week where I would come away feeling optimistic and more confident. Lucy is a warm, empathetic and kind style expert, and I highly recommend her.

Elegant Female

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I keep getting compliments about the way I look and dress and owe the time we spent understanding my shape and style!

I am forever grateful for Lucy's professional styling services - I've gone from lacking confidence in what clothes and styles suit me to enjoying online shopping and creating outfits which show off my body shape and show off my personality.

Sarah H
Woman Smiling in Suit

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Lucy really sees you and is able to craft and articulate your authentic self in a way no one has done before.

My confidence has increased so much, it's impossible to imagine a time before working with Lucy. I feel I've discovered myself in what I wear. There is now a connection with who I am and my clothing. My experience has been freeing and I'm slowly building a wardrobe that fully captures my personality and what I'm comfortable wearing. Previously, I'd struggled to match my clothing, to have a cohesive wardrobe and being conscious of what I was wearing. Now, all of a sudden everything is starting to match and looks great together. I've transformed internally - I know more about what to pick, what captures who I am and what to wear for a particular situation to communicate the messages I want. I'm more conscious and mindful than ever before. I've gained an awareness of how to feel my best and connect my personality to what I wear. Lucy matched everything to my personality, my authentic self, how I like to dress and what I enjoy wearing. She found all of the puzzle pieces I couldn't see and fit them together. It's truly a magical experience. Lucy really sees you and is able to craft and articulate your authentic self in a way no one has done before.



My experience has been life changing and I greatly valued your care and wisdom. 

Before working with Lucy my style was hit and miss, a little confused and I didn’t feel confident. During the program, I had so much fun exploring my style type and colour palette. The wardrobe day was liberating – both to clear the clutter and learn that I had a number of great combinations already in my wardrobe – I was re-inspired.   Most fun was the shopping day. I LOVE all of my pieces. For the first time I have come home with quality key pieces that fit properly, are timeless and I can wear with multiple combinations.    My confidence and attitude has evolved since finishing the program and it’s not overwhelming any more to dress in a way I feel great for work and play. Lucy is passionate about making you the best version of yourself in a safe and fun environment. I feel confident and empowered! It’s such a great gift you can give to yourself – loved the whole experience and am truly grateful. See Donna's review on Google



Lucy taught me how to present myself in new ways that align with my vision for my business and for my own personal look.

As a little girl, we get so many messages about what suits us - from our mums, sisters, aunties- and I learned that what they say isn’t always right! Lucy showed me how to choose prints, colours, cuts and shapes that actually work for me.  Previously, I thought a stylist would recommend only top-end, super expensive brands that seemed unattainable. That just wasn’t the case at all. Lucy opened my eyes by suggesting new brands that I’d never considered before, and also including amazing pieces from brands I’ve loved and worn for years. Together, we defined the look and feel that I want to show the world as a successful entrepreneur.  This has been such an enjoyable, insightful experience and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s struggling to work out what to wear to work. See Jodie's review on Google


ANDREA | GM Finance

Knowing what brands to buy, how to put an outfit together and wear it with confidence has really changed my life.

Before working with Lucy I was wasting money on clothes that didn’t fit well or highlight my best features. I didn’t feel my best and this came out in a lack of confidence in both my corporate and personal life. Defining my personality has meant that I can articulate my style and therefore be targeted in the brands I buy. This combined with knowing what suits my body shape and colours has helped me buy the right things and not waste money.    I now receive so many compliments on my styling and wardrobe so I walk a little taller and can face into my leadership role with my head held high. Working with Lucy helped define a brand of style for me and now that’s the basis I use to dress every day.​ ​ I now have a wardrobe that I wear (and enjoy wearing!) everything in it. You won’t regret the investment in yourself and it will save you money in the long run! See Andrea's review on Google

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I now have a clear direction for what looks best on me. 

After finishing up a corporate career, I simply had no clue when it came to my wardrobe. Enter Lucy! Lucy realigned my wardrobe to my lifestyle and showed me what to wear and how to wear it.  She demystified my figure shape and my personal colourings.  She took pieces from my existing wardrobe and reworked them back with new items that she recommended. I now have a clear direction for what looks best on me, what my wardrobe truly contains, and what I will look for in future clothing purchasing going forward.  Sincerely thank you Lucy – you are terrific!



Consider it an investment in your career that every successful professional needs - and deserves!

After fifteen years in a corporate environment, I realised my wardrobe style needed to evolve and I was tired of opening my wardrobe each morning feeling uninspired and no longer clear on what actually suited me. Enter Superstylist Lucy who has helped me to get completely refreshed and sorted. She has a knack for cutting through and figuring out what’s required to make you look and feel fabulous (and let’s face it, we all need a secret weapon!). The end result has been liberating and empowering! I now have clarity on what really works for me and I’m continuing to work with Lucy on injecting new pieces into my wardrobe and experimenting with fresh colours and pieces. I regularly have people comment “wow, that colour looks amazing on you!” ​ It has been such a positive experience. A huge thank you to Lucy for making it such a positive experience, she is a wonderful and skilled professional stylist.

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Lucy was a dream! Like a little shining fairy godmother sent to calm me and guide me through the process!

I was feeling great about life and enjoying my career more than ever however I felt my drab wardrobe didn't match my positive state of mind! I was desperate to feel good in my appearance. The whole process was so enlightening. There's a real science behind selecting the right clothing and I loved the journey of educating myself as much as I enjoyed the shopping! It has given me a real lift and feeling of much more self pride and confidence. It is well worth the investment. I believe everyone who is confused in styling can definitely benefit from this whole experience. See Rina's review on Google



I now have a more confident approach to life and style with a wardrobe to match. 

I needed a life and style refresh! I was stuck in style wilderness with a wardrobe full of black, grey and navy but always nothing to wear.    Lucy was so helpful and amazing at listening to me, understanding where I was at, where I wanted to be, my personality and articulating the challenge. Lucy’s process is enjoyable and went beyond what I wore. I learned so much which I can now apply to all facets of life and wardrobe.   If you want someone to go on a journey with you, to articulate where you are and where you want to go and help you understand and build your own, unique image - Lucy is your person!

Smiling woman

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I feel more confident, more sure about what I wear and what I buy and am less overwhelmed by my wardrobe and shopping.

Lucy is warm, engaging, knowledgeable and very easy to work with. She makes you feel very comfortable in the process and paces your needs and experience very well. Her gentle, warm and fun approach makes it very easy to be open to learning to gain more confidence in what you wear and what really suits you and why.   Before meeting with Lucy I knew I had some basic skills in styling myself but I lacked completion of outfits, would buy things I wasn’t sure about and would wonder why even though I liked a certain look it didn’t flatter me. Through Lucy’s process of colours that complement me, body shape identification, wardrobe decluttering and shopping to fill in the gaps, I feel more confident, more sure about what I wear and what I buy and, am less overwhelmed by my wardrobe and shopping.   It has been truly beneficial for me to work with Lucy and I would highly recommend her. See Chris's review on Google



Lucy has an incredible eye for style and an understanding of her client. 

Before style and colour coaching with Lucy, I was unclear about the colours and styles that suited me best. I now have a much greater understanding of what works best for me, and a clearer sense of my own style and how to create that. This knowledge has been a time and cost saving, as I now go shopping and put together outfits with more focus, and don’t waste time considering options that are less flattering to my shape or colouring.   My advice for you if you are thinking of working with Lucy is to go for it. You will learn a lot that will have a positive and inspiring impact, both on a practical and emotional level.   See Lauren's review on Google


Sarah | Marketing Agency Owner, Consultant

I have been getting so many compliments on my style since our session, people are always stopping me to say how much they love my outfit. My confidence has really improved as well!  Thanks again, so happy we did our session together :)

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Susan | Project Coordinator

Confidence and style fatigue.

Woman with Long Hair

I’d been following the same style guidelines for the past six years and was finding it increasingly difficult to find inspiration in my wardrobe, especially coming out of working from home and having to move back into the office.  I had changed over that period but my style hadn’t progressed with me.  I had started a new job and wanted a refresh to feel confident I was projecting the right image for my new role.  Lucy took the knowledge I already had and added to it.  She helped me understand and define my style in more detail and how that can be applied in real life for my body type.  She backed up the knowledge I already had and helped me ask the right questions to reset/tailor it to who I am today.  With the examples provided and suggestions it’s given me great confidence to dress in a way that feels authentically me. The process Lucy uses to reflect and review brought to the fore things I hadn’t considered before but could clearly see when pointed out to me.  Lucy makes it interesting and insightful to learn and take these ideas away to implement with the resources she provides. There are so many dimensions to fashion and using clothes to our best advantage is something women aren’t taught.  Lucy is an expert and you won’t regret spending the time on yourself to learn how dressing authentically in clothes that bring out your best increase your self-esteem and confidence.

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