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As well as one-on-one image consulting and style services, I also run hands-on training as well as more informal workshops for companies and groups.


A strong corporate image is a critical foundation for a successful business.


Your staff are the face of your business, your company, your brand, and therefore they are paramount to developing a strong corporate image.

When staff feel confident in how they present themselves, it not only aids their personal development, it enhances business performance.

Workshops are personalised based on your organisation's objectives and needs and includes presentation, discussion, interactive exercises and resources/materials for each attendee.

Type of topics covered: 

  • How to balance individual expression/creativity without compromising on professionalism or the company's corporate style/identity

  • How to master the art of executive presence and use style strategically to impact and influence others

  • The importance of grooming, first impressions and non-verbal messages

  • How to project professionalism 



Coffee with Friends

Increase your style knowledge amongst friends or colleagues.  


Informal, group workshops are fantastic for team building sessions, or just a great way to spend an afternoon with friends.

You'll learn loads of new tips and tricks when it comes to your personal style in a fun and interactive way. 


Some of the topics I cover in group workshops include: 

  • Personal colour identity and how to know what colours make you look your best

  • Style personality and how to successfully express who you are with your clothes

  • The art of illusion dressing

  • Accessorising and how to use your jewellery for self expression

Group workshops can be arranged for four or more persons.

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