How To Find The Personal Style That Suits You BEST 

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Without Breaking The Bank

Ready to step up your style as we head into the office party season and new year?

Join me for an action-packed 6o minutes where I’ll share my secrets on how you can rapidly transform and accelerate into a more confident, stylish version of you.

Tuesday, 22nd November 
6:30PM AEDT​

Would you like to finally find your own personal style that reflects who you are, both personally and professionally?

Do you have a wardrobe filled with clothes but still struggle to find the right pieces or create outfits that make you look and feel amazing? 

Do you struggle with how to balance being yourself and dressing for the occasion?

Would you like to know how to recognise the items that work best for you and your body type so you can feel confident in what you wear?

If you’re ready to elevate your style and look before the year ends, there is no time like the present to step up and say yes.

In this one-hour masterclass, I’m going to teach you: 

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How to find yourself through your fashion choices and transform your wardrobe and style for the office Christmas party and beyond

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The simplest and fastest way to elevate your look (in minutes, not hours)

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The top 3 most common mistake women make when shopping and how to make skilled and intelligent choices about what you buy

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The secret weapon that every stylish female professional needs to successfully craft your individual style

At the end of this session, you will:

Have a roadmap to build your own powerful, personal style that expresses and suits you best.

PLUS you will receive my BONUS ‘Female Professionals: How to Dress Up For Any Occasion'

If you are ready to take control of your personal style and start 2023 with more confidence in who you are and how you show up than ever before, then register for free below.

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Presented by Lucy Owens,
Founder & CEO at Style Rises

Founder of Style Rises, Lucy is a Personal Stylist and Image Consultant helping female professionals and leaders 35+ elevate their brand and presence through style by confidently choosing dynamic, authentic outfits for the workplace.


Through her 1-1 in person and online style coaching programs, Lucy empowers professional women to dress to look and feel the part.

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“Thank you so much for last night’s Masterclass, it was great! So many tips and tricks taken from it for me. In fact I actually took myself off today for a spot of shopping, full confidence in doing so this time feeling a little better armed after last night’s info. Now feeling like I am walking into my new role next week looking and feeling how I want to be seen”. 



I used to stress and worry, what am I going to wear to that? What's it going to look like? Working on my personal style means I now feel super confident to lead without fear that I'm not going to look the part. If I didn't make to decision to do it, there is simply no way I would have been promoted. It wouldn't have happened because I didn't have the confidence in myself".



 I have a renewed sense of confidence in how I look, and I know that I can walk into any boardroom or on to any virtual call and I belong there and I look like I belong there. I dress with intention every day, present myself with purpose and try not to miss out on any opportunities to make an impression"