An 8 week 1:1 private coaching experience and style transformation for ambitious women ready to overhaul how they look and feel so they have the confidence to go for their dream promotion, earn more money or attract more clients.

After working together, you’ll be armed with your own Style Toolkit, empowering you with all the skills and knowledge you need to look and feel amazing every single day.

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  • Feels drab, bored and frumpy but isn’t sure how to achieve a look that authentically expresses who you are?

  • Lacks the defined personal brand and confidence to show up and be seen as the face of your business?

  • Wants to develop a signature style identity that is congruent with the success that you desire?


  • Is tired of reaching for the same safe outfits every day and wants to feel more confident in your style?

  • Wants to look and dress like the leader that you are and is ready to next level success?


  • Is ready to stop spending time and energy worrying about how you look and start every day with ease and grace?


  • Have a wardrobe of outfits that authentically expresses who you are.

  • Up-level your influence, leadership and authority and instantly be seen as the smart, successful and talented woman that you are.

  • You are receiving the respect you deserve every day.

  • Know how to dress aligned with your divine beauty, desires and value.

  • Be confident and excited to show up, when presenting to the board or promoting your business.




In-depth pre-questionnaire so I can gain a deep understanding of who you are, where you are currently at, how you would like to feel and what you want to achieve from your new style. 

Six sessions with more than ten hours of dedicated one-on-one time so you can get my expertise and guidance on everything you need to know to look and feel a million dollars.


Email and text support in between our sessions to answer any questions or for any guidance or feedback so that you will never feel alone or confused.

Personalised Million Dollar Style Guide completely customised to exactly what suits your body shape, colouring and personality, giving you ongoing clarity and direction about your most flattering and success activating colours, cuts and elements bringing you to a place of style empowerment.

Personalised Colour Swatch so that you can easily make sure all your future purchases are the best ones for you.  

Where to Shop File so you know exactly what stores to go to based on your style archetype.




First, we’ll get crystal clear on the personal style you’d like to have and your business, career and life goals. We'll look at what's working and what's not with your current professional image and set some concrete goals as a starting point to build your ideal style. 


Next, we’ll discover your ideal colour palette and I’ll show you how to effectively use colour to express who you are, as well as who you need to be in certain situations. We'll identify your top 3 accent colours that you can rely on to make you look and feel incredible as well as your personalised power palette. Following this session, you'll know which colours to invest in and how to mix and match items easily.


Next, I’ll guide you through a process to reveal your style archetype and authentic self, showing you how to match your individual personality to clothing and outfit combinations that emphasises these qualities as well as aligns to your goals and how you'd like to be perceived. You'll be clear on how to add your own sense of self to your personal style, as well as how to leverage your style to communicate exactly what you want to say.


Then, we'll look at your body shape and design and I'll map out exactly how to look your personal best based on your unique characteristics. After this session, you'll know exactly what styles and silhouettes flatter your body, and how to dress in a way that optimises your shape for perfect balance and harmony.


Next, we’ll identify what works and what doesn’t in your current wardrobe. I'll teach you how to incorporate new colours and styles into your current outfits as well as create new outfit combinations from what you already have. We'll also prepare a strategic shopping list to complete your transformation.


A private shopping trip (with clothes pre-selected for you) will complete your million-dollar style transformation. I will do all the research, preparation and curation of clothing prior to our shopping soiree based on your personalised Style Profile, ensuring all items are ideal for your colouring, style archetype, body shape and aligned to the image you want to present.


With more than 10 years working in senior roles in the corporate world, what I know to be true is this: there is a proven method to creating professional success through strategic personal style.


I’ve experienced this first hand, and now teach my clients how to reflect on the outside the multifaceted and dynamic person they are, without compromising on professionalism or respect for their work environment.

What you’ll walk away with:

As well as a new wardrobe filled with outfits that perfectly represent who you are, a clear understanding of how to dress everyday with the colours and styles that suit you best, and the knowledge and tools to consistently create winning outfits...

  • Be ready to show up through social media, webinars, videos or speaking engagement with a stylish and empowered sense of self.


  • Have the confidence to raise your rates and attract more of your ideal clients with an authentic and aligned brand of style.


  • Be ready to create a bigger impact as you experience more freedom, ease, fun and joy in who you are.


  • Have unshakeable confidence in the way you look and are perceived so that you can stand up and speak up in meetings, ask for the pay rise or secure your dream promotion.

  • Consistently show up with a signature style that authentically represents you and your value.

  • Look and feel professional, relevant and up to date so that you can command and receive the respect you deserve.






It's taken the stress and anxiety out of my day and I know what will make me look like a million bucks in front of whoever I have an audience with that day.


I had my half year performance review last year and my national manager advised that he wanted to put me forward for a promotion, but also commented that whilst he has full confidence in my abilities, he got the impression that I lacked that confidence in myself. He wanted to see me start putting myself out there more at the leadership level, so that when he did put my name forward, it'd be easier for him to sell that story for me.


It had been a long time since I'd invested in myself and taking the leap and signing up for your program definitely shifted my mindset that I am worthy of investing in myself. After completing the program, it's become quite obvious to me that it's really important to show up for myself every day. I think as a female working in the corporate world and a  banking environment, you want to be noticed and promoted for your merits, you don't ever want to think that you're just making your way up the chain due to looks. So, I kind of downplayed that and just wanted to get by on my knowledge and know-how, which is important. But you taught me that people wil take a mental snapshot of you, and that really stuck with me. I really wanted to leave people with great snapshots of myself. 


This program was new to me, but I was really pleased to find out that how I'm showing up now and how I'm presenting myself to others today is the me that has been there all along. You didn't turn me into something that I'm not. I'm not wearing things that I wouldn't be comfortable in, you took the time to give me the space and the permission and the time to get really introspective.  


I'm definitely getting noticed. I have a renewed sense of confidence in how I look, and I know that I can walk into any boardroom or on to any virtual call and I belong there and I look like I belong there. And that confidence has really pushed me to take a few leaps and  put my hand up up to lead some key initiatives within the bank, and the leadership team has noticed. I've been asked to present to management on some of those projects and I know that my name's circulating in that space, which is a great thing. My goal to build up my brand and establish a presence is definitely on track.



You can either keep struggling, wondering about what to wear, not dressing to look and feel your best and stay stuck...



​you can make the decision to invest in yourself and finally start becoming the woman you know you are meant to be.

If you're really ready to look and feel amazing every single day, all you need to do is book a call so that I can make sure you're the right fit for this program, and you can get any of your final questions answered.

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