Guest Post by Lisa Hodgson: Decluttering: the essential first step in creating a curated wardrobe

Curating a wardrobe of clothes that you love and wear takes time and effort. In a world where we are bombarded with fast fashion and changing trends it’s easy for wardrobes to be crammed full of impulse buys and things that don't suit or fit us.

Like anything in life when we have too much of something, it loses its value, becomes difficult to manage, gets disorganised and consumes more time than we'd like. Did you know the average woman spends four days a year deciding what to wear? That's a lot of time....

If you want to curate a wardrobe full only of things that you wear, that make you look good and feel confident then you must first of all remove the excess.

My top tips for successfully decluttering are:

1. Understand your colours

Knowing what colours suit your skin, hair, eye combination can help you join the dots on why you don't wear certain things. This makes the decision to remove these items easier.

2. Categorise

Categorise everything in your wardrobe and review each category individually. If you have 25 pairs of jeans in your wardrobe, challenge yourself on how many pairs you wear. If you have 4 pairs of black ones and 1 pair is your clear favourite, you're always going to choose those so there is no point in keeping the others.

3. What would you pay for it?

If you're struggling to decide whether to keep something, ask yourself "What would I be prepared to pay for this if I had to go out and buy it today?". If the answer i