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How Changing Your Image Can Help You on the Inside as Well

Updated: May 25, 2023

If you’ve ever decided to make a major life change, there has probably been a trigger point, or a number of points, that have led to the need or the desire to do something.

I remember one particular job that I had. It was high pressure, long hours, physically and emotionally exhausting and not even something that I loved doing. The seeds of change were planted when my health and overall happiness started to suffer, and I knew something had to give.

 I left that job and never looked back, and it was a catalyst for a much bigger change in my life that would fulfil my dream of living overseas again and following my soul calling and life passion.

 Yet while major changes often start from the inside, this isn’t always the case, and for some, changing the outside first can be the first step to initiating and invoking a transformation on the inside too, giving you a platform to jump start and move forward in other areas of your life.

A change to our image can completely alter the way we view ourselves - for many women (and men too) they may be looking at themselves for the first time in a long time and LIKE or LOVE what they see.

Feeling connected to yourself, and learning how to embrace what you have, and how to express that through your clothing, opens up the path for self confidence and fulfilment. 

A rising level of confidence is a powerful activator to go after your dreams - something that a low self concept and self confidence may have prevented you from doing before. A better self concept can also mean that you are more likely to try out new experiences and challenges.

Our personal appearance plays a critical role in our personal outlook and making adjustments to this first can not just improve your life significantly, but can also help you become more of the person you really are, and want to be.


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