• Lucy

How to achieve your ideal body shape through illusion dressing.

Updated: Mar 26

There's a whole bag of tricks that stylists have at our disposal to help clients look and feel fabulous. Using the concepts of colour, silhouette and style, you can instantly minimise common figure challenge areas, highlight your favourite features, and achieve your ideal silhouette.

Would you like to create more curves?

Would you like to look slimmer?

Would you like to highlight certain areas of your body, while minimising others?

Illusion dressing is designed to help you achieve all of that!

Fundamental to this concept is understanding how the eye moves across the body according to where we put the focus, through the use of colour, garment construction, design features and elements and texture.

It can help us look taller and slimmer, as well as change or alter the look of our body shape for something different.

Horizontal lines

This is the easiest way to create width, curve and shape, but also tend to shorten and broaden the body. Be aware that a horizontal line can be created through your clothing anywhere there is a line and this is where our eye is drawn first.

They are created through:

  • Where a garment ends on your body