• Lucy

How to perfect work dressing

While there isn't a 'one size fits all' approach to dressing for work, there are some simple rules which you can follow to ensure your appearance is as sharp as your performance.

1. The first thing you need to know is what standard of dressing is required and desired in the company?

Organisations want people that fit in with the general character and culture of the business. So whether it’s a more conservative look (i.e. insurance, law, finance, banking) or something that accepts more casual and creative clothing (such as retail, entertainment, advertising), know the business you are in, or want to break into.

2. Blue is the most universally liked colour, and in business it is the safest colour to wear and indicates confidence and reliability. It's also a versatile base colour that can be utilised with other more playful colours, such as purple or red, or neutrals such as cream or white for an elegant look.

3. Find the right balance for your office, between comfort, well-dressed and modern, without being ultra-modern, which can send a message of superficiality or of being non-serious. Make slight adjustments to modernize an office look, such as garments with modern silhouettes which can be incorporated with more classic items.

4. Wear colours that flatter you and then add neutrals, such as white, black, or grey. The colours of your handbag and shoes don’t need to match your outfit exactly, but it's important that they are well considered, and combine in a harmonious way with your outfit.

5. Beware of loud and overly bright patterns on clothes which are distracting and appear un-professional. Instead, opt for subtle prints and combinations. Smooth textures and fabrics will appear neater and more business-like.