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How to Stop Wasting Money on Clothes

Updated: May 25, 2023

When it comes to buying clothes, many of us get stuck with indecision and often end up buying things that sit in our wardrobes, never to see the light of day.

Research reveals that the average Australian woman buys 27 kilograms of new clothes each year, throws away 23 kilos every 12 months and only wears 33 per cent of her wardrobe. (

Those figures represent a huge amount of money that has been wasted, not to mention the negative impacts on the environment.

And according to the Australian rental dress website, GlamCorner, our national purchases each year are twice the global average and second only to the United States.

But if we just took a couple of minutes to ask ourselves a few questions before we reach the cash register and yet another item, then you can be certain that your wallet, your wardrobe and the environment will thank you.

So the next time you are shopping and wondering "Should I buy this?", make sure you ask yourself the following:

Does it work with my physical characteristics?

This is really about asking yourself; do the fit, fabric, and colour of the garment flatter you? You really want all three of those to make it a worthy purchase. Understanding what really suits you is a worthy investment that takes away the guesswork and frustration. Start with looking at your current wardrobe and assess what works, or get some expert help (my Million Dollar Style Program will teach you exactly what styles suit you best).

Does it reflect my personality?

There are 6 personality archetypes that I work with, and it’s really important that the clothes that you step into every day match the person you are inside. When you wear clothes that connect to who you are, you will effortlessly look and feel more authentic and can project yourself more confidently. Uncover more about who you are, and what styles of clothes will make you feel your best by taking my style personality-based quiz.

Does it work with your lifestyle?

There’s no point in having a wardrobe filled with suits if you are working from home and in a much more casual environment. Consider the activities and events that you engage in regularly and ask yourself if the item you are considering buying will serve your current lifestyle.

Does it support your goals and what you want to achieve?

Whether you are are wanting to attract your dream promotion, earn more money or attract more clients, you need a style that will support the image you want to portray and communicate the right message. Not only does what you wear affect the way others see you, but it also says so much about what you believe about yourself and your abilities - so choose clothes that make you feel confident and capable - and you're one step further to achieving your dreams.

Finally, practice makes perfect! Keep remembering to check in with yourself every time you are shopping, and soon it will become a positive habit and you'll be a smart, savvy and conscious shopper.


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