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The Most Common Mistakes and Easy Ways to Instantly Improve Your Image

Updated: May 25, 2023

Fashion mistakes can happen to all of us, myself included. But there are some common mistakes that I see often, that are not just super easy to fix, but most importantly, will instantly improve your image.

 Here I’m going to cover the top 5 that I tend to see people make.

Sleeve Lengths

The correct length for a sleeve is at the break of the wrist - no longer, no shorter. Depending on the length of your arms, that may mean you need to get sleeves taken up or let down. Do it! If you’ve already invested in a jacket, don’t let your whole look down with this. 

If in doubt, look to the Italians who never get this wrong (especially the men).

Wearing clothes that don’t fit well

As well as sleeve lengths, clothes that don't fit well in other areas is all too common:

  • Blazers with shoulders that are too big

  • Blazers/jackets with sleeves that are too tight

  • Pants that are too baggy or long

Take the time to invest and buy well-fitted clothes - experiment with different brands to see which ones are a good fit for your body, and make sure you have a great tailor for any alterations. Buying clothes off a rack which are made to 'standard' sizes can often require a nip or a tuck so it fits your body perfectly. This will instantly make any outfit look better (and more expensive).

Wearing scuffed shoes

A little bit of loving can go a long way with shoes. Keep them looking their best by maintaining them with good quality products such as leather polish, cleaners and water protectors. Professional shoe repairs, such as replacing heels, can also breathe new life into old shoes. 

Not ironing clothes

This really is a pet-hate of mine. Wrinkled clothing just looks messy, plain and simple. This is, without a doubt, the easiest and cheapest way to add a professional and put together look to any outfit. Ironing clothes shows that you take pride in what you wear. Hate ironing? Get someone to do it for you! 

Not taking care of fabrics

While most washing machines have a cycle for just about every type of fabric, some care is still required to keep items looking their best.

  • Natural fabrics such as wool will pill over time - get yourself a pill remover or simply use a razor (gently) to scrape away the fuzz. If you own pets, remove hair on clothes with a lint brush.

  • Delicate fabrics should be professionally dry cleaned or in some cases, simply hand wash.

  • Avoid 'shine' on clothes by ironing garments inside out or using a piece of fabric or cloth to protect your clothes.


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