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What to Wear When Presenting Online

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Not sure what to wear for an online meeting or presentation?

Whether you're presenting a webinar, a masterclass, an online course or just have an important meeting - the first thing people see is you, so it's important you look the part.

You want to make it as easy as possible for people to focus on your content and message as well as get a feel for who you are. 

Here's my top 10 styling tips to help you look and feel your best when presenting online.

1. Solid, block colours in medium/medium-high value look best.

They are easy for your audience to focus on and make you stand out. Think blues, reds, pinks, greens, purples, oranges, yellows etc. The green below is in a medium value and is enough so that I stand out without being overwhelming.

2. Prints can be too distracting and tiring to look at.

The below print was too busy for camera, so avoid these at all costs. They not only distract from what you are saying, they are also tiring for your audience to look at, especially if it's a 45 or 60 minute presentation. Subtle prints work can work but I recommend testing it first. You also want to avoid wearing pinstripes, houndstooth or any repetitive pattern because they will strobe on camera.

3. Black can look heavy and harsh

Black is a default choice for many, but you'll want to think twice about wearing this online as it can appear heavy, not to mention being ageing and too harsh for many people with softer colouring. Navy is often a better choice, however on the right person, black can look elegant and sleek, and you can counteract the heaviness with lighter fabrics, softer necklines, short sleeves or add a coloured accessory such as a scarf. Good lighting and makeup for females is also a must

4. Beware of red and white

Bright red can look too extreme on camera, and can also bleed meaning the edges won't look sharp. A better choice would be a deeper, darker, burgundy red rather than a bright one like below. White is another one to avoid as it can be too bright for your audience, making it hard for them to focus.

5. Make sure there is enough contrast between your background and what you wear.

Wear a different colour to your background and make sure there is enough contrast between the two. Really light neutrals like below won't work on a light or white background and vice versa. And while lighter colours may work on a darker background, they still won't give you the same impact as a brighter colour would.

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6. Keep it simple

Keep your necklines and jewellery simple. Remember, it's all about making it easy for the audience to focus on you and what you are saying, so ditch any frills, ruffles or distracting embellishments or jewellery.

7. Go for smooth, plain fabrics

Smooth fabrics look more professional and polished on camera rather than anything that is too heavy or textured. Steer clear of bulky or chunky sweaters, fluffy fabrics or furs, as well as anything shiny or sparkly.

8. Avoid showing too much skin

Keep in mind that your audience only sees you from the waist up, so you'll want to avoid any deep, plunging necklines which can make you seem you are not wearing much at all. Instead, opt for collared shirts, crew necks, mid-high V necks, boat necks or turtlenecks.

9. Be well groomed

Your grooming also makes a strong non verbal statement and affects the way others see you. Paying attention to your hair, makeup, skin and nails will all help ensure that you appear polished and professional.

10. Consider the message and tone that you want to send

Your clothing choices can help set the overall tone for your presentation, so consider the message that you want to send, and the feeling that you want your audience to have when they see you - and match it with your clothing. 

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