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Why Grooming Is So Important to Your Overall Image

Updated: May 25, 2023

Imagine you have two job candidates sitting in front of you. Both have solid work experience, intelligence and creativity.

But one looks sharper than the other. While both candidates are wearing a suit with a blouse and pumps, one candidate looks rather, well, messy

Her nails are covered in chipped red nail polish, her hair looks unkempt and has been messily pulled back, and there are visible stains on her blouse and suit jacket.

Looking presentable and creating a positive image is more than just putting on a suit. That's only the half of it.

Your grooming also makes a strong non verbal statement and affects the way others see you - either positively or negatively. Which candidate would you choose?

Good grooming is like the icing on the cake. No matter how good the ingredients are, and how delicious the cake tastes, without the icing, the cake tends to look a little dull and incomplete.

The icing gives it the finishing touch. It completes it.

If you miss this step as part of your overall image, you will easily counteract any positive impression that people might have about you.

When your grooming is given little care, you say to other people that you don't care. Taking the time to pay attention to the details signals to other people that you are well-disciplined and competent. The details are a reflection of you.

 Here's how to make sure your grooming puts you ahead of the competition:

  • Make sure your clothes are neat, clean and ironed and never wear clothes that are stained or dirty. Clothes that look like they’ve come straight from the wash, or even worse, wash basket, look messy. Ironing clothes shows that you take pride in what you wear. 

  • Keep nails trimmed and well-manicured, with a clear or colour polish, such as pale pink, burgundy, red or nude. In more creative and less formal workplaces, brighter and non-traditional colours are more acceptable.

  • Always remove nail polish when it begins to chip.

  • Keep your makeup on the more natural side, and save those smoky eyes for outside the workplace. If you want a bright lip, keep eyes simple and stick to a classic red or pink.

  • Hair should be clean and well-kempt, especially if it’s long. Maintain your colour, get regular trims and stay current. 

  • Never arrive at the office with wet hair – it looks like you can’t get organised and this can translate across to your performance.

  • Use deodorant and perfume if desired, but don't be heavy handed or wear excessively strong scents.


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