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Why You Need a Stylist: Part One

Updated: May 25, 2023

Last year, I decided to start working with a coach. I wanted someone in my corner who could support me, guide me, challenge me and ultimately hold me accountable to achieving my goals and desires.

As well as all that, I also received important insights into my personal character and values, and became more deeply connected with who I am and my purpose. Many of the techniques and tools I received I continue to use today.

Making the decision to invest in myself, my business and my future instantly propelled me forward. If I hadn't, I'd most likely still be standing on the starting block, too afraid to actually take the leap. It was rejuvenating as well as being transformative.

As well as coaching, I've also had several mentors throughout my life to ensure that I keep growing, learning and pushing myself in new directions.

Often, we can be afraid to seek the help that we need in our lives, but I truly believe that we all deserve to invest in ourselves and become the best that we can be. Admitting that we don’t know it all, and recognising the areas where we fall short, is the first step.

For many women that I see and work with, many have never had the time or opportunity to develop their style skills, many are unsure how to express themselves through their clothes, and many don't know where to start when it comes to creating the image they desire.

Improving ourselves from an appearance perspective can be the difference between being overlooked, or standing out. A strong image will open doors; a poor one will ensure they remain shut.

I wanted to create this 3-part series to help you understand why hiring a personal stylist might just be the answer you need if style isn’t something that comes naturally to you, or if you just want to level up your image.

A stylist will give you a sense of personal empowerment

Empowerment is defined as "the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights."

To me, empowerment is sexy. It's an inner strength and presence that enables you to go after your goals and dreams. Whether that's rocking your own CEO gig, rising up the corporate ladder, or finding the man of your dreams, your style is your secret superpower.

Clothing can often be seen as frivolous, but that couldn't be further from the truth - the right outfit will tell people exactly who you are and how you deserve to be treated, paid and promoted…all without you actually having to say a thing!

Knowing how to create a style and image that is the ultimate expression of you, as well as being crystal-clear on your flattering and success-activating colours, cuts and styles, will resurrect your style confidence. Knowing how to shop and invest confidently and wisely in quality pieces that suit you gives you control, rather than shopping trips and outfits that are hit and miss.

Knowledge is power! And the power of knowing your unique personal style is real.

So if figuring out how to look stylish, in a way that feels good for you, currently eludes you, an outside, expert view can give you the perspective, tools and understanding you need to have good style for life, as well as accelerate your success - whatever that looks like for you.

Stay tuned for the second part in this series where I'll look at how a stylist will channel your style into items you will actually wear


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