• Lucy

Why you should care about your image

For some, style and dressing is a way of life. For others, fashion and dressing is a chore.

So exactly how much care and importance you place on your image will be different for everyone.

Yet whatever group you fall into, the most important thing to remember is how much value your visual look has on how you are perceived.

The most immediate impression that others will make of us is based on dress and appearance.

Seeing is believing. And even if fashion and image aren’t at the top of your love list, taking the time to create the look you want to project is important.

Commit to dressing the best you can everyday. Just spending an extra 10-15 minutes every morning can take your look from sloppy or standard to special. Not only will you look great, but you'll feel great.

When we feel happy with what we see in the mirror, our mood is instantly elevated and we find ourselves surrounded with positive energy – it may sound cheesy, but the world rewards the efforts that we put in when we present our very best selves. 

So think about how you want others to perceive you, and then look at your current situation and ask yourself if your current image reflects what you want others to think about you.

If not, take action and dress for the part or position you want in the world.