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A virtual or in person session to identify the colours that really make you look amazing (including more youthful, radiant and attractive) and are the key to building a cohesive, professional wardrobe.
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Who's it for?

This session is for you if you want clarity and confidence around what colours flatter and enhance you the most, and would like to understand how to use colour successfully in your professional outfits.


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In depth colour analysis where we'll identify your personalised colour palette, including your top 3 accent colours, your best neutrals as well as what colours to look for when purchasing investment pieces such as coats and blazers, plus accessories and makeup.

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Personalised Digital Colour Guide to give you the clarity, guidance and direction about how to wear your most flattering and success activating colours.

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Personalised Premium Colour Swatch with all your best colours so you can shop like a pro.

The end result has been liberating and empowering! I now have clarity on what really works for me and I regularly have people comment 'WOW that colour looks amazing on you!

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Shop and invest in your wardrobe with 100% confidence and peace of mind knowing exactly what colour clothes make you look your best. No more hit and miss buys or defaulting to safe options.

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Get dressed faster and easier with flattering outfit combinations based on your colours – all the colours in your palette will work perfectly together, ensuring you look polished and put together.

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Understand more about who you are really are and how to express and present the very best version of yourself in any situation. Wearing your best colours in your clothing, accessories and makeup will ensure you stand out against the crowd and create a memorable and lasting impression to everyone you meet.

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Look effortlessly more beautiful, younger and healthier. Think of your best colours like a free facelift – your face will come to life with skin that glows, eyes that sparkle and an overall vitality and vibrance.


$595 in person / $395 virtual


I'd had a tough time with my clothes for the past few years, including feeling drab

and boring. Black and white were my go-to. I now have a fabulous wardrobe full of colours that make me glow and feel great

when wearing.