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A virtual or in person personal colour analysis to identify the colours that really make you look amazing (including more youthful, radiant and attractive) and are the key to building a cohesive, professional wardrobe.
Who's it for?

This session is for you if you want clarity and confidence around what colours flatter you most.

Discover how to effectively incorporate these colours into your wardrobe, effortlessly creating stylish and well-coordinated looks that leave a lasting impression.


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After an in depth personal colour analysis, you'll have your own personalised custom colour palette with all the colours that flatter you, including your top 3 signature colours and your best neutrals. 

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Learn how to effectively use colour contrast to make a lasting impression and create the impact and perception you desire. 

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See how to combine your colours into flattering outfit combinations.

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Personalised Digital Colour Guide so you know exactly how to wear the colours that both flatter and empower you.  

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Personalised Premium Colour Swatch with all your best colours so you can save time and money shopping.

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The end result has been liberating and empowering! I now have clarity on what really works for me and I regularly have people comment 'WOW that colour looks amazing on you!

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Feel confident and stylish knowing you’re wearing the right colours for you.

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Save time shopping by being able to pick out clothes quickly and easily.

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Enjoy the compliment of others when wearing your signature colours.

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Get dressed faster and easier with flattering outfit combinations based on your colours.

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Look confident and radiant no matter the occasion. Think of your best colours like a free facelift! 

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Feel empowered to make a wide range of colour choices, expanding beyond the everyday standards like black. 

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Feel proud and confident in your personal style, knowing that you're expressing yourself in the best way possible. 

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Make a memorable and lasting first impression everywhere you go.

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I'd had a tough time with my clothes for the past few years, including feeling drab and boring. Black and white were my go-to. I now have a fabulous wardrobe full of colours that make me glow and feel great

when wearing.



Your session can be held virtually or in person.


  • 90 minutes face to face

  • Personalised custom palette + colour guide

  • $595 (ex GST)


  • 45 minute Zoom session

  • Personalised custom palette + colour guide

  • $395 (ex GST if in Australia)

Ready to get started? 

Book your session using the links below. 

Go here to book your Virtual Signature Colour Palette

Go here to book your In Person Signature Colour Palette

Optional Upgrade Available - receive a shoppable style board of items perfectly suited for your colouring! $99.

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I wholeheartedly recommend Lucy to anyone looking for a colour analysis expert. She's a pro who goes above and beyond to make you shine.

I stumbled upon Lucy's LinkedIn profile and was immediately captivated by her insightful posts about personal style. After booking a colour analysis session, I can confidently say that working with Lucy has been an absolute game changer!


Lucy's thoughtful approach was evident from the start. I sent her a few photos, and within a week, we had an in-depth session where she unveiled my best colours and, more importantly, explained the "why" behind her recommendations. She patiently answered all my questions, leaving me feeling informed and confident. 

Thanks, Lucy, for the makeover – you're a star! 

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