• Lucy

5 signs you need a style makeover

"Hi Lucy, I'm confused about my current style, have no idea where to shop, and struggle to make sense of my wardrobe."

 I hear this a lot.

These are typical symptoms when you’re out of style alignment - what does that mean I hear you ask?

 It means you're not dressing your true self and it's probably time for a style makeover. 

 When your clothing doesn't honor the essence of you, you aren't embracing who you are. That means you simply can’t carry that confidence factor or shine your light on the world.

Embracing your self, together with your style = style alignment.

When your alignment is out of whack, you’ll present with one or more of the following characteristics. Understanding and getting to the core of these will help give you clarity, and get you looking and feeling like the best version of you. 

1. The clothes you are wearing don't feel like you.

Your personality plays a major part in the clothes that you will feel best in. I’ve had clients going through life dressed in dainty florals and patterns because this was the type of clothing that their mother would buy them and tell them they looked good in. Except they didn’t feel good wearing them. Listen to your intuition and pay attention to the types of things that you are drawn to, feel good for you to wear and really resonate with you and how you want to feel.

 2. Your wardrobe is filled with clothes that are uninspiring

What if everything that was hanging in your wardrobe was a piece that you loved and made you look and feel amazing? When you’re in touch with who you are and your style reflects that (i.e in alignment) your wardrobe will become a special place because there is a level of connection between you and your clothes. When that connection is missing, it’s difficult to feel excited or inspired by our clothes, in the same way that we don’t feel inspired to do work we’re not passionate about, or have a relationship with someone who we don’t feel connected to. Resist buying anything that doesn't light you up from the inside and out.

 3. You feel like you've lost touch with who you are

As women, we tend to put ourselves at the bottom of the priority list, especially when we are juggling the demands of career and family. It doesn’t long for this to quickly affect the way we show up every day. Fast forward two, five or even ten years and it's easy to feel stuck in a rut. We remember the younger sleeker version of ourselves, and we aren't quite sure how to dress the older woman that we have become. The answer to this lies within - give yourself the space and time that you