• Lucy

How to know what colours suit you

Colour is the number one thing that consistently surprises and delights my clients in equal parts, but also what can cause the most confusion.

There are literally millions of colours that have now been created, and that sheer amount of diversity and choice that we now see represented in clothing has led to total overwhelm.

That tends to lead many women to stick with so-called 'safe' colours, such as blacks, greys and navy, and while these neutrals can certainly form part of your wardrobe and do look wonderful on some people, they can also lack the personality and energy of other colours. Dressed in your best colours, you will radiate from the inside out in a way that isn't possible with neutrals.

Colours have such an enormous power over how we look and feel, and as well as affecting the aesthetics of your image, they also impact your mood and how you feel.

When you understand what colours you look best in, you have a power palette that you can mix and play with.

You can use colour to help you stand out in a crowd, create a lasting and memorable impression and above all, have an overall vitality and vibrance in the way you look.

The easiest way to help you determine what colours to go for is based on the concept of warm and cool.

  • Warm colours have a golden yellow or orange tone. In nature, these colours are vivid and energetic.

  • Cool colours have a blue or silver tone. In nature, these colours are soothing and calming.

The key to choosing flattering colours is to understand if your natural colouring is either warm or cool, and then 'match' your clothing colours. It is important to note that the colours that most affect how you look are those that you wear next to your face, through tops, scarves, or jewellery.