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How to Look Polished and Put Together : Step 3

Updated: May 25, 2023

One of the most common things that I hear from women is how they can look polished and put together.

If this is something you would like to achieve, I'm going to breakdown the Pathway to Polish in four easy steps, and in this post, I'll be focusing on the third key step.

This is going to make or break your look. So if you're wanting to achieve a polished image, do not overlook this step.

First and foremost, you need to figure out what are the shapes and styles of clothing that are most flattering for your particular silhouette. If you've got lots of curves, clothing that drapes and moves in and out with your curves will flatter. Straighter body shapes are enhanced by clothing that falls in a straight line.

Then, make sure that whatever you buy or wear fits you well. When your clothing is too tight, too loose, or simply not quite right for your size or shape, it can easily look messy - and that will instantly detract from you looking your best.

It can be difficult to achieve a truly perfect fit when purchasing clothing off the rack due to the fact that your body shape and design is unique to you.

Don't get hung up on a certain size or think there is something wrong with you when clothes don't fit - its the clothes, not you! And luckily, there is an easy solution - have your clothing custom altered where needed.

Everybody should have a tailor or a seamstress, on speed dial, that they know and trust. This really is a non-negotiable and will instantly upgrade your image.

Some of the things that you can have a tailor do for you:

  • Take up pants or jeans to the correct length for your height

  • Take up a skirt to a more flattering length

  • Shorten sleeve lengths, especially on a blazer so they sit correctly at the break of the wrist

  • Take in the waist on a pair of pants or jeans, especially if they fit you perfectly in the thigh/hip/bottom area.

Good tailors can also update items of clothing and make them contemporary and relevant again. A lot of my clients tend to have traditional, corporate black pants in their wardrobe. If they're a great quality pair of pants, that still fit well, I recommend tailoring to give them a new lease of life. The leg can easily be shortened into a more modern 7/8 length, and where it's a straight leg, it can also be tapered below the knee to create a slimmer leg.

Having your clothing altered is going to cost you a little bit more - but that $20 or $50 tweak will make a huge impact on how polished you look.

The bottom line? It's worth the time and investment.

Stay tuned for Step 4 on the Pathway to Polish.


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