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What Dressing Well Has Taught Me

Updated: May 25, 2023

As a young girl, I loved sneaking into my mother's walk-in-wardrobe and being surrounded by her clothes, each item telling a story about who she was and where she'd been.

I would watch eagerly on as my mother prepped herself for the day ahead - it didn’t matter if we were staying at home, or going somewhere special - she was always exceptionally well dressed, with her clothes pressed and hair and make up perfectly in place.

My mother didn’t always have a lot of money to spend on clothes, but she consistently embraced the opportunity to express herself through her personal presentation, and she could create beauty in whatever she wore, no matter the price tag. She instilled in me a love for fashion, but she also taught me a deeper appreciation to put your best face forward and pay attention and care for your personal image.

During my 20’s and my early 30’s, as I moved through my career, I learnt two valuable lessons that remind me of what my mother taught me all those years ago.

Career advancement and opportunities

Dressing well will get you noticed. It’s as simple as that. Turn up to an interview, a business presentation or a meeting dressed the part and people aren’t just going to take you seriously, but they’ll also perceive you as being more capable.

You’ll also feel more confident, helping you to nail that first impression. Research has shown that a negative first impression is incredibly difficult to change, and in the matter of business or work, can prevent you from securing that new job, that promotion or that new client.

Invest in you

This principle is pretty straight forward – so why do so many of us fail to do this consistently?

I’ve heard lots of different reasons – people are too busy, they don’t have money to spare, they don’t feel they deserve to invest in themselves.

I challenge you to ask yourself ‘can you afford not to?’

The best version of yourself is dressed in clothes that make you look and feel extraordinary. They give you confidence and accurately represent your unique value.

Investing in a personal style that is purpose built for you and your goals will ensure that you show up as your best-self every time.


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