• Lucy

Power colours: how to successfully wear and use colour for success

Updated: Mar 28

Think it's just black and red that are power colours?

Think again.

Women in positions of power (particularly senior political positions) know how to influence their story and messaging through their style and colour choices.

Every colour will establish a mood, and depending on the outcome you are seeking, or the message you want to convey, the colour you wear should be chosen for its ability to help you create and influence your end goal.

When it comes to dressing, more than style or silhouette, colour demands our attention. Marketing and advertising gurus have been using it for years to influence our emotional reactions and it's time for us to to leverage its full power through our clothing.

Even though it may be unconscious, social psychologists recognise that colour is the first thing that we notice on other people and it has an immediate and powerful impact.

And colour doesn't just impact your aesthetics and those around you - it's power reaches to your own attitude and emotions too.

How to successfully use colour

The first step to leveraging the power and magic of colour is to work out exactly what colours make you look your best - a great place to start is my previous post on How To Know What Colours Suit You.